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Tour Manifattura delle Arti

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Bologna industrial archaeology

The Manifattura delle Arti was born from the redevelopment of the former port area of ​​Bologna and the nearby proto-industrial buildings that stood here and which represented the beating heart of the Bolognese economy. After a careful project of architectural recovery and conservation, today the area is home to a cultural center of the highest level, with museums, cinemas and university departments. Art, culture and industrial archeology in all its forms!


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Giardino del Cavaticcio
This park is located where the Port of Bologna once stood. Today a location for summer events and concerts, it hosts installations, contemporary sculptures and a tribute to partisan memory.
Manifattura delle Arti
A complex of former commercial and production buildings transformed into cultural institutions: the MAMBO (Museum of modern art); the former slaughterhouse now hosting the Cinema Lumière; the Cartiera Molino Tamburi, now home of the University Department of Philosophy and Communication.
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