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San Donato district

2 hours 3 km groups, schools, individuals spring, autumn

Writing and Street art tour: San Donato district

Bologna was one of the first Italian cities where Writing and Street art have found fertile ground to born and prosper as a phenomenon that goes beyond the current fashion. This 2-hour trip to the district of San Donato will give you a general idea of Writing and Street Art in Bologna, but it will also allow you to understand the history of the city and its evolution in the last decades. See huge murals, heaven spots and throw-ups. Learn about bombing and tagging, stencils, paste-ups, stickers and everything in between.


The standard itineray can be customized according to your needs and requests.

Piazza XX settembre: meeting point
Along the outside walls of the bus station we learn about an important poster art organization: CHEAP, an independent project that promotes street art as a tool for surveying the territory. CHEAP selects guest artists to create site-specific work articulated throughout Bologna’s urban and suburban landscape.
Via Zago: Hall of Fame
From the city centre we pass the Stalingrado bridge towards San Donato district. Via Zago is full of street art and writing pieces, an excellent opportunity to learn more about the local scene and its protagonists.
Memories of Blu
The street artist Blu is known all over the world but it’s in Bologna its work presented an active political view within the city’s urban landscape. In 2016 he decided to paint over its own murals, taking a stand against a city that scrubs off graffiti but celebrates street art in galleries.
Frontier Project
An important project dedicated to the writing and street art scene, realized by the Municipality in 2012. 13 walls for 13 world-renowned artists, some of whom worked in this area of the city (Phase 2, Dado, Honet).

Group pricing

2 hours tour
up to 20 people
€ 80
  • any extra person € 2
  • children under 10 years old FREE

What's included

Professional guide

The tour is held by a qualified guide with regular license in Italian and English.

Map and guide of the city

At the end of the tour you'll receive a map and a guide of Bologna to keep exploring the city by yourself!

  • Tour guide device: booking service available ( the tour guide device is required for groups of more than 7 people during the visit at the Basilica of S. Petronio). Rent fare: half day € 2/person, full day € 2,50/person.
  • Services cancelled 48 hours in advance will be charged at 50%. Services cancelled 24 hours before or on the same day are charged at 100%.
  • Cash ( within the legal limits) or via bank transfer. We do not accept POS payments.
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