Street art tour


Historical centre and university district

€ 12/person
1h30 1,5 km photo friendly

Street art tour: historical centre & university district

Walking through the old town we learn how walls can have a voice: they tell us past and present stories, they make us reflect and wonder and they reveal us a bit of Bologna's most underground identity. The often politically motivated pieces can only be fully appreciated when their motivations and context is understood. The tour takes place mainly in the university area where we discover different projects of revitalization, hidden alleys, pieces of political and social criticism and the controversies behind this worldwide known and discussed form of art.


The standard itineray can be customized according to your needs and requests.

Piazza Antonio Scaravilli: meeting point
Between via Zamboni and Piazza Scaravilli you can admire the mural of Luis Gutierrez. Realized in 1988,”500 years since the Conquest” is a true icon of Bologna sreet art.
Via Zamboni and Piazza Verdi
At the centre of the university area, the walls of Via Zamboni and Piazza Verdi have always been the expression of the political and social struggles of the city, in a costant dialogue between past and present.
Vicolo del Guasto
Vicolo del Guasto is a real open-air gallery with works by different street artists (among others Ex voto fecit and Yuri Romagnoli) called by the association Serendippo for the “Fuori Servizio” project.
Via Capo di Lucca
A very important piece (only partially deleted) realized in 2009 by Ericailcane, Dem and Will Barras for the Bartleby collective, it offers us the opportunity to talk about erasing and protests in the street art world.
Vicolo de' Facchini
This little street hides amazing works, from the famous “octopus” by Sharko passing through Bibbitò, Kappa, James Boy, Brina, Gruppo Arturo, Opiemme, Distruggi la Loggia, Arianna Vauro, Amalia Mora, Snem.
Ex caserma Masini
On the walls of the building occupied by Làbas (and cleared in 2017 by the police) we can see works from artists coming from all over the world, including the famous Nemo’s.
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€ 12/person
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