About me



My name is Elena Guaitani. Born and raised in Bergamo, I studied art history in college and fell in love with Bologna during my student days. After graduating I spent one year in Australia improving my english and travelling around that wonderful country. Back home in 2013 I started working for a design museum in Milan, still dreaming about ‘being back in Bologna’.

Tour guiding!

In 2015 I got my tour guide license in italian and english languages, and after a few months I permanently move back to Bologna. Since then I’ve guided tours, walking tours and art exhibitions in Bologna, Bergamo and Milan. I collaborate with tour operators, travel agencies, associations, museums. Bo-up (BOlogna Unusual Paths) is my last adventure, a new born project whose main goal is to let people know Bologna from a different point of view. In this project I've put a lot of myself and my passions: art, street-art, social issues, culture.. So here I am ready to share it with you!

Confguide Bologna

As tourist guide I have chosen to join Confguide Bologna, the trade association which aims to protect and promote the professional figure of the tourist guide in Bologna area. Confguide protects the regularity of this profession (which requires a qualification license), promotes post-qualification training and updating courses and offers to all its members the personal insurance coverage towards third parties.