Certosa Monumental cemetery


Monumental cemetery

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Certosa di Bologna: classic tour

Considered as one of the most beautiful and evocative monumental cemeteries in Italy, the Certosa di Bologna contains in its historical parts very important works of Bolognese sculpture dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries.


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S. Girolamo Church courtyard
We begin our visit by retracing the main stages in the history of this place, built in 1334 as a monastery of the Carthusian order and transformed in 1801 into the cemetery of the city of Bologna.
Ancient cloisters
We enter the historic part of the Certosa, whose cloisters were among the first to be converted into a cemeter. Here we admire painted monuments, frescoes, neoclassical sculptures.
19th century galleries
A triumph of eclecticism, realism, symbolism. We discover the tomb of a blacksmith and the mysterious tomb of a little girl, the monument of a rich bourgeois and the tomb of a kidnapped young man ….
20th century
From cloister VI to Campo Carducci, we explore the most monumental area of ​​the Certosa, a concentration of illustrious characters, commemorative monuments, opulence and simplicity.
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